Let’s be honest, we’re living in really interesting circumstances right now. This COVID-19 crisis is more than a snowstorm that slows things down for a few days, or a rainy day that forces us to cancel our plans. This is an interruption to many day-to-day routines for weeks to come.

Jesus was often interrupted in his ministry with crises; and when he was, he didn’t respond in anger, overwhelm, or even a hurried pace to fix it all quickly. We’re pausing our study of Lamentations to take the next three Sundays to learn from Jesus, and to answer the question: How should we respond to this coronavirus interruption and other intrusions?

Sermons in this series

Sleeping Through the Struggle
March 29, 2020Pastor:Joey Woestman and Nathan Kingsley

Sermon Notes

This weekend we’re studying Mark 4:35-41. A familiar story to all of us, but now we’re studying it with the new perspective of interruptions. Pastors Joey and Nathan discuss the passage and use it to apply what we’re working through in this season.


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Anxious and Troubled
March 20, 2020Pastor:Joey Woestman

Sermon Notes

Pastor Joey takes a look at Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary that we all know well. There are two interruptions in this story; Jesus interrupting Martha and Mary’s day and Martha interrupting Jesus as he is teaching. Both are important to study and learn from. Join our pastors Joey and Nathan as they discuss the passage and give us practical ways to apply the text to our lives today.


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