The hope of Jesus

We’re serious about the task of telling people in all nations about the hope of Jesus. We know the true joy and fulfillment of a relationship with God, and we desire that all people experience the same.

Because of this passion, we support nearly 50 families and individuals around the world who are actively sharing the love of Christ full-time. We also support theological education around the globe through strategic seminary partnerships. We’ve got a calling to make Jesus known in all corners of the earth, and it’s only growing stronger.

Our church was founded with a global emphasis and we remain committed to this vision. We actively pursue this global mentality through actively supporting our missionaries and hosting an annual Global Outreach Conference.

Care Teams

Each missionary family is supported by a Care Team who keeps in touch, responds to needs, and helps plan US visits. While missionaries are on home assignment, teams work to smooth transitions and provide resources. The only requirement of joining a team is to have a caring heart for the Faith global family! To learn more, email us at

GO Time 2021

Our Global Outreach Conference kicks-off on September 19, 2021 and runs through September 27th. We’re hosting 5 missionaries for this year’s conference. Check out our GO Time webpage for more info!

Current Missions

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