Lamentations: Look Upon My Sorrow

The book of Lamentations is a record of the prophet Jeremiah’s sorrow and grief over Jerusalem when it was captured and God’s people were exiled from his presence. Jeremiah’s words have often been seen as pointing to Jesus’ unique suffering on our behalf, bearing the wrath and judgment of God for our sins. We also find in Lamentations the hope of restoration through repentance and faith as we turn to God.

The central message of Lamentations is that of God’s sustaining grace in the midst of suffering. It’s a book that deals with the reality of pain, the destruction sin brings, and the certainty of God’s mercy. God draws near to his suffering saints. In Jesus Christ, God has drawn closer to us than could have been imagined—he has become one of us, sharing in all that we suffer in this fallen world. Remembering him and his cross, and the glory into which he entered (and into which we too shall enter), we trustingly submit to him and his fatherly governance of our lives with hope. Lamentations is a book of mourning, where we see the terrible aftermath of our rebellion against God, yet also find hope and healing.

Lent provides us a specific “appointed time” where we can tell God we hurt. We can come clean over failed relationships, broken promises, selfish greed, destructive pride, the times we have failed to love and cherish God and others. It is in confessing that we join with others before God in need of his renewal and his healing. Lament opens us up to not only healing but renewal.

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Sermons in this series

How Lonely Sits the City
February 18, 2024Pastor:Joey Woestman

Sermon Notes

In a world beset by griefs, how do followers of Jesus learn to faithfully and appropriately bring these griefs to God? Or are we being unfaithful when we tell God we hurt? Is God big enough to handle our pain? These questions and more are at the core of our Lenten series through Lamentations. Join us as we begin the healing process of rehearsing our griefs before God, as we study Lamentations 1:1-22, “How Lonely Sits the City.”

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Ash Wednesday Service
February 14, 2024Pastor:Jeff Schultz

Sermon Notes

Start this year’s Lenten season with a service of prayer, humility, and the reminder of our frailty and need of a savior. Have you ever wondered why our church has made the decision to observe Ash Wednesday with this service? Pastor Joey talks about the intention behind it all in his 2023 EFCA blog post, “Remember, You Are Dust.


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