Jonah: The World’s Worst Missionary

Jonah’s pride, disobedience, and brokenness get in the way of God’s calling on his life to proclaim God’s Word to Jonah’s enemies, the Ninevites. It is easy for us to criticize Jonah’s thoughts and actions. However, in this series, we’ll learn that we have a lot in common with Jonah (more than we’d care to admit). A theme of this study will be reflection. How are we able to see our character imperfections in the reflection of Jonah’s brokenness? And how do we allow God to transform our actions to be more like Christ, as a reflection of God?

Below are songs of praise that we’ll sing together throughout this series!

Sermons in this series

The World's Worst Missionary
June 16, 2019Pastor:Joey Woestman

Sermon Notes

The book of Jonah records the story of a prophet, sent by God to an enemy nation, who does everything possible to avoid God’s call. Join us as we kick off six weeks studying Jonah, “The World’s Worst Missionary”!

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