Galatians: No Other Gospel

In turbulent times, we long to hear good news: there’s a way out of our angst and uncertainty, someone’s found it, and they’ve come back to take us with them. So we cling to anyone and anything that says they can save us.

When everything else you’ve tried falls short, and the gods of our age are displeased with your obedience, what’s left?

Join us for our series, Galatians: No Other Gospel. The purpose of this study is to ground our contemporary debates and longings in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to repudiate the sufficiency of any other “good news” to which we cling. Here are a few things we’ll learn in the 18-week series:

  • Only the true gospel brings us into freedom and life.
  • Only the true gospel comes by our faith, not by our work.
  • Only the true gospel, in the person of the Spirit, is the source of power, life, love, and faith in the believer’s life. No other gospel can produce the power, life, love, and faith of the believer.
  • Only the true gospel can demand everything from us, because Christ gave everything for us. There is no other gospel which deserves our complete devotion, obedience, and sacrifice.

Sermons in this series

If You Can't Please Everyone... (Gal. 1:6-10)
October 10, 2021Pastor:Joey Woestman

Sermon Notes

You’re just a people-pleaser, Paul! That’s why you’re making it easy for these Gentiles to follow Jesus without adhering to the Judaism of which Jesus is a part!” It’s an accusation that stings, because it’s one Paul made himself, back when he was a devout Pharisee. But is he really giving in to public pressure, or fighting for the purity of the gospel? Join us for “If You Can’t Please Everyone…” from Galatians 1:10!

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No Other Gospel
October 3, 2021Pastor:Joey Woestman

Sermon Notes

Unlike any others of his letters, in this letter to the Galatians Paul gets right to the point: “I’m astounded that you’ve given up on the gospel! What happened!?” As we begin this study through the entire letter, we’ll begin to uncover the reasons behind Paul’s astonishment, and we’ll look at just exactly what Paul says the gospel really is. Join us this weekend for “No Other Gospel” from Galatians 1:1-9!

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