Let's Grow Together

Fall Series

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Grow  //  It’s one of our four core values; we take studying the Bible seriously. Carve out time in your schedule to attend a Grow Class on a Sunday morning during first or second service.

First Service | 9:00 AM Classes

Reading the Old Testament to Understand the New
Room 248
Taught by: Tom Waltz, Jerry Risser, and Terry Fleck
We have a sense that our world is quite different than that of Jesus and the early Christians. Sure, we understand that they did not have cars and smart phones. But at a deeper level, what would the experiences and perspectives of the people of God in Roman dominated Israel 2000 years ago have been and how did their long history and their Scriptures inform these perspectives? Join us as we examine the First Century world of our Bible and look at topics such as the stories, beliefs, and hopes of Israel through the “silent era” leading up to the coming of Jesus the Messiah as seen by groups such as Pharisees, Sadducees, common people, and the new Christians. This class will attempt to understand these backgrounds and then examine how we see them played out in the way the New Testament authors use the Old Testament scriptures in their writings with some focus on Acts. The broader goal for this class is to more clearly appreciate the story of the Bible and its continuing importance and relevance for the people of God.

Grown-Up Sunday School
Room 244
Taught by: Nick Carter, Matt Saefkow, and Keith Preston
We’re continuing the Grown Up Sunday School class, tracking throughout the year with the same curriculum that our children are learning downstairs, but with an adult lens. Using the lesson that the kids are learning each Sunday as a starting point, we will engage the same stories and topics from an adult perspective. Whether you’re a parent or not, this will be a way to reengage topics you learned as a child with fresh eyes.  For parents, you will leave with a deeper understanding of what your kids are learning and how to disciple them in the Word throughout the week.

Second Service | 10:45 AM Class

The Bible as a Whole (But Not the Whole Bible)
Room 210 & via zoom – Click here
Taught by: Chet Wood
God’s story of his goal to build on earth a just society of his people for his honor. This narrative covers the Bible as a whole but not the whole Bible. Concerned with division of this drama into Acts and Scenes with helpful labels. Touching upon violence, injustice, prophecy, oppression and the relation of Israel to the church. Asking “Why Israel?” given that Jesus is the answer.