Let's Grow Together

New Classes begin April 3rd

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Grow  //  It’s one of our four core values; we take studying the Bible seriously. Carve out time in your schedule to attend a Grow Class on a Sunday morning during first or second service.

We’ve got a place for everyone, classes for even our youngest attenders – Sunday School for preschool through 5th grade, Jr. High, and Sr. High classes. While kids are in class, attend an adult class!

No need to register, just show up. No classes on Easter Sunday.

Mere Sexuality
1st hour  //  9:00 AM in Room 244
Taught by: James Nussbaum and Tom Waltz

When it comes to contemporary views on sexuality, what should Christians believe? What does the Bible say? Is there a consistent witness to biblical truth through church history? And with so many shifting opinions and antagonistic attitudes around us, how can Christians respond in a winsome way? Led by elders James Nussbaum and Tom Waltz, this class will together read through and discuss Dr. Todd Wilson’s “Mere Sexuality” to rediscover the beauty and coherence of the biblical vision for sex and sexuality. Copies of the book are available for $10 each.


Uprooting Anger in an Angry Age
1st hour  //  9:00 AM in Room 252
Taught by: Alyssa Dunker

Why does anger have such power in our lives? Maybe you’re not ready to say you struggle with anger, but we can all admit to getting annoyed or irritated. Together we’ll explore biblical solutions that can uproot anger from our individual lives and bring some peace to our angry culture.


The Acts of the Apostles
2nd hour  //  10:45 AM in Room 152
Taught by: John King

Come study the book of Acts following our deep dive of the Gospel of Luke in the last year. We’re studying the text closely to learn more about the early church and how God moves and works by transforming lives, families, & communities. You can join in over Zoom, or attend in person.

Meeting ID: 822 3418 8997

Passcode: 981766


Hymns that Teach
2nd hour  //  10:45 AM in Room 248
Taught by: Phil Johnston

How do hymns instruct us?  Scripture describes using music and songs in worship of God since earliest times, but how do we learn from the hymns we sing in worship today?  Indeed, the music and text used in hymns are a powerful teaching tool God can use to help us learn more about him.  Join a class where we will learn together about ways we can learn about God – his love, faithfulness, sovereignty, justice, creation, Christ’s death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit, heaven…., the entire palate of Christian faith.  We will sing together as well as sample the ways text and melody work together to enhance the beauty of teaching in hymns.