Partnering in Poland


Every year at Easter Faith Church rallies together around one of our missionaries to raise funds in support of a special project or initiative. In years past we have sent thousands of dollars in support of camp facilities in Spain, theological education in Ukraine, disciple-making efforts in Kenya, and partner ministries right here in Indianapolis.

This year we are supporting our missionaries Jacob and Becca Hash and their youth ministry training work with Josiah Venture in Poland.

We are excited to support three big projects:

The first is a resource hub for youth workers. There are almost half-a-million evangelical believers in Poland, and of all the hundreds of churches Jacob and Becca are connected with, only three have a paid student ministry leader on staff. In the vast majority of churches, the oldest student leads the youth group, and they’re doing so with very few resources. In the states, lessons, games, discipleship programs, graphics, videos, and training podcasts are just a quick google search away. The Polish equivalent only exists because of Jacob and Becca’s team, and we’re proud to support them!

The second big project is a yearly youth-worker training conference which brings volunteer youth leaders from all over Poland together for one long weekend of basic, practical, how-to-do-ministry training with experienced ministry leaders. Each year is a different theme; this year the theme is basic counseling with students. This is vital training for the Church in Poland!

And the third project is called Plan A—it’s a multi-year disciple-making initiative where a group of experienced disciple-makers, called “Pauls,” connect with “Timothys,” young men and women who are themselves actively discipling others. Through weekly one-on-one meetings and a series of in-person conferences, Plan A is multiplying disciple-makers across Poland. Of anything they’ve done, Jacob and Becca say, Plan A has the potential to make the deepest and longest-lasting impact.


The total cost of running these three projects for a year is approximately $45,000, and we’re hoping to raise $20,000 of that. Would you prayerfully consider, in this Lenten season, how you can contribute to this work?