Not Your Father’s Pinewood Derby

Event Currently Postponed
Faith Church

Join us and pit your car against the best of Faith Church. We are upping the ante this year, giving us guys the chance to race a pinewood derby car against one another!

On Friday, March 27 at 6:30pm, we will be serving dinner and then racing the cars we cobble together (or carefully craft). Do you fall more into the 2fast 2faithful category, or more the Mater-riffic camp? In the end the only important thing is that you are the fastest, so bring your rat-rod or glass smooth best finish, and race against the rest.

We thought long and hard, and unfortunately no liquid propellant or explosives will be permitted. In fact, we’ll need to stick with the rules that the Awana kids follow, with two noteworthy exceptions. You can bump your weight up from 5oz to 6oz, and you may modify your four wheels to your heart’s content (thinning, drilling them out, you name it).

If you have a child that has raced in recent years (boys or girls) that you’d like to include, we welcome the competition! It might be worth tacking an extra ounce of weight on their car, just to give them a semblance of competitiveness…

Cost of food is $10 for you and $5 each for kids, maxing out at $20 per family. Car kits cost $5 each!

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