GO Time Weekend With Lisa Meharry

07.14 – 07.16.23
Faith Church

Friday, July 7th  |  Missionary podcast interview is released

The purpose of the podcast is to meet Lisa and hear what she’s up to. She will also share a few ways you can be partnering with her in prayer and how to connect with her during her featured events.


Sunday, July 16  |  Meet Lisa on Sunday Morning during and between services

Sunday, July 16 at 7 PM  |  Seminar: The Ministry of the Ordinary

Have you ever wondered how your skills could be used in building God’s Kingdom? Join us for a seminar about how God can use “everyday” tasks to make the mundane an act of worship, joining with the God who holds all things together. Attend in person in the Worship Center or over live stream


Tuesday, July 18 at 7 PM  |  Prayer Meeting

Hosted by Terry and Jane Fleck in Room 152 at Church. You can join in person or over Zoom.
Meeting ID: 837 5479 2733
Passcode: 135980

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