Expressive Individualism – Deep Dive

Room 210

Expressive Individualism: Christianity in a “Choose Your Own (Faith) Adventure” World

If there’s one thing true about the culture we live in, it’s that everyone feels a pressure—even a responsibility!—to express themselves. From “be all you can be” to “you do you,” our society tells us that the only moral command left is for us to figure out what makes ourselves uniquely human, and live that to the fullest. And if people disagree with that expression, get rid of them! “Haters gonna hate,” so cut them out of your life and find people who will affirm you for your unique “you.”

That perspective is very different from the world of the Bible, or even almost all of human history. So how did we get here as a culture? Is it okay for Christians to think this way? And how do we talk about what Jesus came to offer to a culture like this?

We’ll cover all that and more in our July Deep Dive: “Expressive Individualism.” Taught by Joey Woestman.

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