The Time Between the Testaments – Deep Dive

Room 210

More than four hundred years passed between the last words of the Old Testament prophets and the first accounts of Jesus’ followers in the New Testament.  What happened in those 4 centuries that sets the world stage into which Jesus entered?  The Persian captors of Malachi’s day were replaced by Rome as the new world power—but not before Greece and the Seleucids under Antiochus IV Epiphanes ruled over Judea.  Religion and politics gave rise to rabbinical partisanship, religious traditions, and power dynamics that shaped the expectations and desires of Jesus’ first followers.

Explore the history and religion of the intertestamental period in this deep dive, led by Faith member John King, MDiv.  Expect to put familiar New Testament accounts into a whole new context, find richer meaning in Jesus’ words, and gain a greater appreciation for God’s ultimate plan of salvation for His people.

Registration is required. It is $20 per registrant, $10 to add a second attendee. Lunch is provided. Registration closes August 17.

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