Celebration of Ministry

12 PM-1:30 PM
Gathering Space

It’s our desire to build in a rhythm of celebration of God’s faithfulness through our Celebration of Ministry. We’ll share a family meal after 2nd service in the Gathering Space, and, of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without cake! Come and hear how God is moving in the lives of our people and be prompted to give Him praise!

  • If you attend first service and plan on returning to church for the event, aim to arrive around noon.
  • Kids are eating with their parents and participating in the first part of the celebration! (Psst: Kids, we have a special job for you to help us celebrate!)
  • Kids will be released back to the KidZone for the last 25 minutes of the event to enjoy a cupcake while watching a movie under the supervision of our FSM students.
  • All are welcome to attend, even if you’re not a voting member.


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