AWANA Grand Prix


Preparations have begun for the 2022 AWANA Grand Prix! Participation is optional for this Sparks and T&T event.

This year there will be NO Grand Prix Workshops on Saturdays to assemble cars. If your family needs assistance with building their pinewood derby cars, please contact and we will try to accommodate all who need help.  Additionally, an enhanced Concierge Desk will be available on 2/9, 2/13, 2/16 and 2/20 to help with final weights and wheels as needed. Remember to decorate your cars at home before using the Concierge Desk for final assistance!

In addition to cars competing for speed, the design categories are The Kids’ Choice AwardMost Creative Award and Best of ThemeThe theme for the 2022 AWANA Grand Prix is Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

2/2– Volunteer cut-out Car Kits go home (for those who need them)
2/9–  Concierge Desk & Car Turn-In
2/13–  Concierge Desk & Car Turn-In
2/16–  Concierge Desk & Car Turn-In
2/20–  Concierge Desk & Car Turn-In DEADLINE
GRAND PRIX – Free DINNER & Kids’ Choice Award Voting is at 6:00pm. Racing starts at 6:30pm with the Sparks Divisions and is followed by the T&T Divisions. The night ends with the division winners racing for the championship cup!

Click for Race Rules and Car Specifications
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