Spain Team is Home!

Posted: July 13, 2023

Hola again!

What a whirlwind of a week Camp was! Most of us on the team agreed that the week just seemed to fly by. It’s hard to believe that it’s over. Not only were a lot of memories and relationships formed this week, but we also got to clearly see God at work and moving in the lives of many of these kids who don’t know Jesus. We’re writing this update from the comfort of our own homes as we have made it safely back home to Indy. Even though the trip is over, God’s work is not. We wanted to provide a final update of some of the highlights from the last few days of our time at Camp and in Barcelona.


  • Thursday afternoon was the day of the Amazing Race! Our camp teams raced all over camp (and up and down the hills many times), solving clues, and completing challenges to get to the final location. The two teams that placed first and second were only separated by less than a minute after the whole 2 hour race! The rain couldn’t deter us all from having a blast!
  • Thursday night brought our evening activity of Project Runway and the kids really loved it! The creativity we all saw in the outfits and runway walk were all excellent. Lauren Reinking also got to share her testimony which many of the kids really connected with.
  • Friday was the last full day of camp and we still crammed in just as much fun as every other day. Friday night was the annual talent show and we got to witness some never-before-seen talents that will probably be hitting the global stage soon!
  • Campers left Saturday morning around 11, then it was time to clean up the camp, pack up our stuff, and make our way to Barcelona. While it was sad to see the campers go, and even more sad to be leaving Casa Berea, we got to do some debriefing and reflecting as a team in the car ride to the train station.
  • Saturday Evening and Sunday we got to explore different parts of Barcelona and be tourists for a day! We did a bike tour up the mountain of Montjuic which was physically grueling at times, but the views were worth it! Afterwards, we split up in groups to explore, some went to the beach, some did some shopping, others enjoyed resting with cup of coffee or a can of Fanta on a corner café.
  • Sunday night we got to have dinner with our team + all the Spain team together. It was a great time to connect with everyone and remind ourselves of the faithfulness of God throughout the week.

Prayer Requests

  • Many people were praying for safe and easy travel, and those prayers were answered! With 12 people and lots of luggage we were able to get through the metro stations and get to the airport without losing any persons or luggage!
  • We were thankful and praise God for the volunteers who drove us up to Chicago to start the trip, and those who picked us up from the Chicago airport on the return trip. It allowed us to sleep and rest in the car and we needed it!
  • Many students were parts of 1-on-1 or small group conversations where they heard the Gospel clearly explained to them. Pray that these seeds of Gospel truth take root and the enemy does not snatch them away.
  • Pray for rest and recovery for our team as we enter back into our jobs and daily life. We have experienced the presence and work of God is powerful ways and we want to be able to continually let our experiences in Spain continue to shape us into the image of Christ.

We can’t wait share about all these things and so much more when we gather for our team report. Time and date TBD, so stay tuned!

Thanks for following along with us on our trip and for all your prayers. We felt and experienced your prayers in powerful ways!

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