Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip 2023 | Day 3 Update

Posted: June 14, 2023

Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip

Team Updates | June 14, 2023

Day three at Shepherd was quite the day. There were some great wins, and some not so ideal losses.
Day three, Wednesday, was our second day of pulling weeds at a nearby IPS school. At school 58 we finished pulling the last weeds that we couldn’t get to yesterday, and then we spread some mulch to keep down weeds in the future. While we were mulching there was a big, friendly neighborhood husky who decided to join in on the excitement. He spent his time running around, licking people, scattering some of our mulch, and gallivanting through the school gym, until three of us cornered him so I could coax him back outdoors.
I spent my time in the classroom helping the interns and sitting with and chatting with the kids. Then, for after care, I helped some kids continue making their pinewood derby cars, and a big highlight was a checkers game with one of the boys in my class. It was a downhill battle from the start, but I was able to make a comeback… until I lost again.
Last, but certainly not least was our Chopped night. We competed in three teams in a draft style Chopped cooking competition. The theme was Mexican Food… for the third meal in a row, but it was great, nonetheless. My team consisted of Teilah, Hser Nay, Joshua, and myself. For our entree we made classic Mexican tacos with pulled pork, our appetizer was taco ramen, and our dessert was cherry pie cones with marshmallow filling in the bottom. My team took the win in the end due to our unique and delicious taco ramen, and our spur of the moment cherry pie cones.
– Elijah Boyle
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