Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip 2023 | Day 2 Update

Posted: June 14, 2023

Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip

Team Updates | June 13, 2023

Day 2 (Tuesday) was therapeutic. Why? Because from an optimistic perspective, weeding was a therapeutic quiet time, in the company of the whole team, because we knew we were helping the community by clearing the bedrocks. Also, I think that spending time getting to know the half of the students at Shepherd who stayed or the half that went to the pool was a success. Time passes by really quickly and that’s great evidence of the time spent here at Shepherd the past 2 days.
Tuesday was also the boys’ swim day so it was nice and quiet back at the school. Without the boys it was easy to have a great worship time after lunch. Don’t get me wrong, I love the boys but they cause trouble sometimes. In the morning, before classroom time, we helped pull weeds at School 58. It was nice helping the community and I enjoyed pulling weeds even though I’m not much of a gardener. Our poverty training was great today! We did different exercises to help us understand the difference between the world of the middle class and the world of the impoverished. After Care (which we learned they call Summer+) was pretty chill. I helped the kids make derby cars and I got to chat with one of my favorite 6th graders!  The day overall was so much fun and I enjoy all the kids so much!
-Hser Nay and Teilah
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