Update on Water Damage Restoration Process and Building Use

Posted: January 3, 2023

Early Sunday morning on 12/25 a pipe in our sprinkler system froze and burst. This has resulted in water damage to the gathering space and office area. Remediation and repairs are underway.

The full restoration process will take a few weeks. In order to keep to our repair timeline, we ask that you only visit the church and/or office if you have an appointment with a staff member. Everyone will need to limit use of the church building (especially staying out of marked off zones) in order to allow repairs to progress as needed.

Even with all the water, we’re thankful that the effect on the church building is minor. Other than some water damage to the cover of the piano and a few bookcases that we’ll need to replace, the actual damage is mostly limited to drywall and a few light fixtures. And lots of dehumidifying! We are thankful for God’s protection and provision with damages, as well as the quick response we saw throughout the last week as contractors and insurance needs arose. We have been truly blessed by responsive and competent people.

We hope to have things fully restored and operational by the end of January, but we’ll need all hands on deck. Everyone can do their part – we’re asking you to please be flexible with the scheduling of events, rooms, meetings, and any use of the interior space. Please pray for availability of repair contractors, volunteers, and staff as we work to coordinate ministry and repairs simultaneously.

We’ll provide information each week on plans for the coming week and updates on progress.

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