Worshiping the King through Communion

Posted: September 4, 2022

Hey parents! 

This weekend we’re going to celebrate communion at a point in the service when your kids will be with us. I imagine you might want the heads up, and could have a few questions, too. 

You probably already know that communion is an ancient tradition that the world-wide church has observed since Jesus began it on the night that he was betrayed. Jesus used bread and wine to symbolize how his body would be broken and his blood would be spilled out for us, as he died on the cross to pay for our sins.  

At Faith we tend to celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month. Sometimes when we celebrate communion we try to focus in on ourselves, individually, and make time for each of us to confess our sins to God and be reminded that Jesus died to cover our sins. Other times we focus more on the joy of being forgiven by Jesus, and we emphasize that communion is something we do together, all of us. It’s a whole-church thing. 

But each time we celebrate we make sure we remember that Jesus came to us and gave himself for us so that we could have a relationship with God. Whether we’re focusing on our sin that keeps us from God, or we’re celebrating our salvation and relationship we have with God, the important part is to remember that Jesus died for us. 

So when you are in the service this Sunday and your kids ask you, “why do we do this?”, go ahead and tell them! Tell them that this is a way of remembering what Jesus did for each of us. 

And if you decide that your kid is ready to take communion with the whole church family, go ahead and let them! Some parents will wait until they know that their kids have come to faith in Jesus on their own. Other parents will encourage their kids to “practice” communion from an early age, and will use communion as part of leading their kids to Jesus. Either way is fine with us! 

So this Sunday, we hope that our celebration of communion will draw you and your kids closes to God as we remind ourselves of the glory of God’s goodness to us in the sacrifice of Jesus for us. And we’re thrilled that we get to be part of helping you call your kids to worship the King. 

See you Sunday! 

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