Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip 2022 | Day 1

Posted: June 13, 2022

Shepherd Serve and Learn Trip

Team Updates | June 13, 2022

Day Overview – Alana 

I am going to tell you about what has been happening in the last couple of days as we have begun our Serve-and-Learn trip here on the East side of Indianapolis, at Shepherd Community Center. After church on June 12th, we all went home to pack up for our week long trip. We all drove separately to Shepherd and met at 3:45 and got settled in. We met the volunteer coordinators, Donna and Mike, and we took a tour of the school and met the interns working alongside of Shepherd this summer. We then had dinner and split into our classrooms that we would be serving in. Once we came back to the church for the night, we practiced the crafts that we would be doing with the kids and our skit crew came up with some fun and entertaining acts that we will be performing later in the week.

This morning we were able to join some of the kids for breakfast and we got the students to start singing “Happy Birthday” to Elijah since his birthday is today! We were able to do lots of coloring and fun activities such as making paper airplanes, going to worship, and we even had a time to take the kids to the kitchen that was donated to Shepherd and the kiddos were able to make their own pizzas, which was super cool!

We weren’t able to go outside because of how high the heat index was but that meant that our classroom had more time to do one of our crafts! Today we made keychains out of beads and stretchy wire that if you do it in a certain way, you could make a slice of pizza/watermelon, a lightning bug, dragonfly, or a lizard! It was hectic that’s for sure, but the kids LOVED it!

As a team, once all of the students had left to go home for the day, we did some Poverty 101 training with Donna and Mike (as mentioned above) and we were able to better understand the things that Shepherd’s neighbors have to live without and understood the meaning of “Lack Of”. We are now just hanging out and trying to make progress on our goal of being able to give each student a friendship bracelet by the end of the week. Nathan is doing great 😉

Please keep praying for encouragement to connect with the interns and help us be a light for them this week.

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