COVID, Church Safety, and Worship Update

Posted: November 11, 2020

COVID, Church Safety, and Worship Updates
Church leadership continues to monitor trends and take steps to ensure safety while also continuing ministry and enabling connection and community. In recent weeks, we’ve seen spikes in the rate of infection and in total COVID cases. In response, here’s what to expect at church:


  • We will remove some seating from the worship center and review our seating chart to make sure we are appropriately spaced from one another.


  • With limited seating in the worship center, you may need to sit in overflow for worship (located in the Faith Kids Lobby). Thanks for your understanding and help.


  • It’s very important to continue to wear a face covering at all times in the facility, especially during singing in worship. Make sure both mouth and nose are covered to reduce the potential spread of germs.


  • Face coverings make it harder to understand one another, so there’s a temptation to lean in closer to hear or pull down your mask to be heard. In spite of the frustration, please maintain 6’ social distance from others and keep your face coverings in place.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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