Cultivate: Fellowships

Grow Together

What are fellowships?

Enjoying connection classes but looking for a way to promote longer-term connection within the classes? Cultivate:Fellowships is the answer! Each fellowship, roughly based on age and stage, bands together for a year to attend the same classes. With breaks in the quarters to spend time together in fellowship, each Cultivate:Fellowship grows to know one another more deeply and to appreciate one another’s perspectives on what they’re learning in the classes. Throw in the food and fellowship time, and it’s a win all around!

Cultivate:Fellowships span across both hours so you have the freedom to choose which service you want to go to. And during Fellowship Sundays, the whole fellowship will come together across the half-hour in-between services to get to know one another! And while you can certainly still attend the connection class of your choice, regardless of what the Cultivate:Fellowships are doing, isn’t it better to grow together?

Fellowship Sundays: April 5 and May 10

Choose from one of five fellowships:

Sr. High (1st hour only): for those in 9th through 12th grade

Roots: for those putting down roots in faith, family, and profession

Growth: for those whose career, friendships, commitments, and families are growing

Branches: for those whose life is spreading out with career responsibilities, old friends moving away, kids leaving the nest, and parents aging

Legacy (2nd hour only): for those who have lived a long life and whose experiences can be a source of wisdom to younger generations

Want to get plugged into a Fellowship?

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Joey Woestman

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