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Ready to be challenged, inspired, and integrated into the life of Faith Church? Sunday morning Connection Classes are the place to start. These informal classes are interactive and designed to build stronger faith and new friendships. Connection Classes cover a variety of topics and change each quarter. Take a look below to read about what’s being offered now. There’s no need to sign up ahead of time—simply show up anytime!

Winter Quarter 2018

9 am Classes

1st and 2nd Peter
Terry Fleck
Room 152

Following the Flourish discipleship series earlier this year, we will re-visit I & II Peter to examine how Peter encourages us to live lives that are deeply offensive yet outrageously attractive. We will talk through the challenges of maintaining the fellowship of the Cross, and the resulting fellowship with our Lord. If you’re looking to be freed from all bondage and experience the hunger and thirst of the experiential righteousness of God, then come.

God Owns It All
Janine Zeltwanger
Room 252

We’ll view and discuss Ron Blue’s video session God Owns It All which tackles the money question we all ask: How much is enough? The answer is found in God’s Word. With over four decades of experience in the financial-services industry, Ron Blue presents financial principles that are affirmed by Scripture and tested by the marketplace. These Biblically-based principles will equip us to approach money management and financial planning with freedom, generosity, contentment, and confidence in all areas of our lives.

Family Feuds
Gregg Herke & Nick Carter
Room 254

Many of Christianity’s deepest-held beliefs—the Trinity, the Resurrection, even the Bible itself—were established and clarified through hard-fought debates. In this class, we’re going to explore the historic ecumenical councils beginning at the Jerusalem Council in Acts and going into post New Testament history, creeds, heretics, and schisms. What did the earliest Christians believe, how did the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles prevail, and what legacy did they leave for us today?

Training Parents, Training Children
Margee Boswell | Director of Early Childhood Education, Oaks Academy
Room 256

The chief duty of parents is to train their children. How do we train in a manner that honors the personhood of the child while engaging the will and the conscience? What should be the goal of this training? How can we effectively support children in their weaknesses and provide consistent, logical consequences for rebellion? In this class we will engage with ideas and learn practical strategies for training children in the formation of healthy relationships with God, authority, and others.

10:45 am Classes

Deuteronomy and the Early Church, Part 1
Chet Wood
Room 254

We’ll explore how the early church and the Apostle Paul used the text of Deuteronomy for material in the early theological development of the person and work of Christ, for understanding the future of Israel, and for the ethical guidance the Law provided to the early church. This is Part 1 of a two-part class.

Praying with Paul
Julie Foster
Room 252

Using the study by D.A. Carson, New Testament scholar at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, we will explore the Apostle Paul’s teaching on the subject of prayer. God doesn’t demand frantic schedules and frenetic activity from his people – he only wants them to know him more intimately. We will combine our study of prayer with focused time in prayer during class.

Living Today
Jack Rogers & Stafford Walker
Room 256

In a fallen and confusing world, the author of Ecclesiastes, who called himself “The Preacher,” teaches us that we must fear God. Join us this quarter as we continue our study of this book which challenges us to admit that we are not God, so we must cling to him when we can’t understand what he’s doing.

1st Samuel 17-31
John King
Room 152

Samuel, Saul, David…heroes of Israel, pillars of the faith – these are the men whose stories are told in 1st Samuel. This quarter we’ll study chapters 17-31, focusing on the ascension of King David, his ongoing feud with former King Saul, and David’s early life as King. Discover the themes 1st Samuel develops: God’s kingship, his providential guidance, sovereign will, and unlimited power.

Better Together

Go all in at Faith Church!

This is a four-week course during our connection class hour to learn about Faith church. Covers our four core values and answers four questions: who are we, how do I serve, how do I connect, and where are we going? Location TBD